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Many legacy applications also require migration to a Software As You Need (SayN) model. To build this kind of software it requires extensive experience in proper planning as well as in the intricacies of Process Flows across all tiers of the architecture.NEXTGEN has delivered many extensively instrumented software applications for clients across the globe, many of which have been on a cloud-based SayS model, where the databases reside completely in cloud.Almost any kind of software can be delivered in SayS model, like ERP, CRM, Office & Messaging, MIS, & HR. Even high-performance Gaming apps are now available through SayS because of improved infrastructure.Our vast experience gives us the edge to approach solutions with the latest working technologies, including support for Web 2.0, RESTful API’s, & SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) designs on any type of cloud infrastructure. By utilizing SayS model for delivering custom software you can dynamically update the functionality without the downtimes of traditional download/install processes.

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